2005 Zogby Poll Finds Workers Reject Unions

Zogby Poll On Attitudes and Opinions of Unionized and Non-Unionized Workers Employed in Various Sectors of the Economy Towards Organized Labor.

In June of 2005 Zogby International Conducted a public opinion survey for the Public Service Research Foundation on attitudes towards employment and unionism. Because of our strong interest in public employment, this survey included three separate samplings – all workers, government workers and government workers who are union members.

The survey was comprehensive in that it inquired about attitudes towards employment and unionism and also about public policy issues dealing with unions.

The survey was constructed in this way to follow-up on some of the findings of the poll Zogby did for the Foundation in 2004.

Not all the findings are as we might have hoped they would be but the purpose of the survey was to gain knowledge, not for public relations.

As we did in 2004, we are making the entire report on the survey available here so that scholars and public policy makers will have maximum access to it.

To download the full survey report, click here.