Papers and pamphlets published by the Public Service Research Foundation address a variety of issues related to public sector unionism and union influence on public policy. David Y. Denholm, the foundation's president, wrote several of them. The text of most of them are available on this page. Additional printed copies may be available on request from the foundation.

Mr. Denholm is a frequent guest on talk shows and speaks to many meetings of civic, business and political organizations. Speaker Inquiry Form.

Arbitration Puts You In a Bind. Ten reasons why binding arbitration of public sector labor disputes is not in the public interest.

A Few Things All Educators Should Know About the National Education Association, But the NEA Won't Tell Them

Agency Fee -- Public Employment Brochure
Compulsory Union Fees

Beyond Public Sector Unionism: A Better Way, in which he discusses the case against public sector collective bargaining and suggests ways for public officials to move toward a better way to conduct employer-employee relations.

The Case Against Forced Union Fees in Public Education.
Is Union Representation Always a Benefit? Compulsory Unionism and Education Don't Mix.

Confronting Teacher Union Power, in which he discusses the influence of Saul Alinsky on the activities of the National Education Association and suggests ways to prepare to deal with radical, confrontational teacher union activity and power politics.

Do Public Employees Really Want Union Representation?

Do Prevailing Wages Really Prevail? Should Prevailing Wage Laws Be Repealed?

Does Unionism Mean Higher Earnings Or Higher Taxes? Unions contend that high levels of unionism are beneficial to all workers whether union members or not. A state by state analysis of levels of unionism and earnings adjusted for the cost of living finds that high levels of unionism don't correlate to higher earnings but they do correlate to higher taxes.

The Future of Unionism in America. This was a talk given to a meeting of the Charlotte County, Flordia, Society for Human Resources Management on February 28, 2001.

Hey Teachers! Let's talk about Decertification.

The Impact of Unionism on the Quality of Public Education, in which he analyses how the activities of teacher unions, by their very nature, are undermining the quality of American public education and takes note of positive developments in this area.

Labor Unrest and Public Policy --- Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals
What every public official should know about Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.

The Living Wage Hoax
What's really behind the so-called "Living Wage?" Don't be fooled!

Neutrality Agreements and Card Check Elections
Insult and Injustice for American Workers.

Project Labor Agreements
The New Bid Rigging and Protection Racket!

Teachers, Teacher Unions and Compulsory Union Fees--School Board Member's Rights and Responsibilities, in which he covers the major U.S. Supreme Court decisions dealing with the agency shop in public employment, the question of idemnification clauses in agency shop contracts, how the amount of the agency shop fee is determined, and what a school board member might do to have influence on this.

Teacher Union Collective Bargaining and Education Reform, in which Mr. Denholm explains how teacher union officials and school administrators often misrepresent the terms of collective bargaining agreements and that unless board members are familiar with contracts, they might be deceived into believing that they either must do something or could not do something.

Teachers, Teacher Unions and Professional Alternatives: A question of choice

Additional Materials

A video of a talk Mr. Denholm gave in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in August 1995 on the topic of the Impact of Teacher Unionism on the Quality of Public Education is available by contacting the Foundation.