Public Employee Relations

Special Report from the Pennsylvania School Boards Association: A 10-year Review of Pennsylvania's Public Employee Relations Act

Presents a thorough and thought-provoking analysis of Pennsylvania's experience with teacher bargaining under that state's public sector bargaining law, Act 195. The report was first published in PSBA Bulletin by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association, and scrutinizes some pertinent provisions of the bargaining law, such as limited right to strike for public employees, their effects, implementation and costs. We reprinted this report to give readers outside the state of Pennsylvania the opportunity to compare that system with other states' and to provide information on one state's bargaining related experience that might prove to be of value in grasping some of the problems involved. One area of research in the field of public sector bargaining which has been seriously neglected and is in need of extensive and conclusive research is the cost aspect of bargaining and the development of a clear and useful method for computing such costs. This is the approach J. Curtis Rose has taken in his report on Pennsylvania's 10-year comprehensive cost of public sector bargaining.