The Sovietization of the American Health Care System. Troy, Leo.

President Clinton's proposal to nationalize America's health care system, under the guise of reform, has run into a fire storm of opposition. To salvage it, and perhaps Clinton's presidency, Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell (D-ME) and House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt (D-MO) have introduced cloned proposals that, like their predecessor, would impose a government-run health care system and its attendant bureaucracy upon a reticent American public.

That the plans would socialize medicine and require the nationalization of an additional 14 percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product is a reality so obvious it scarcely merits debate. But what Dr. Leo Troy finds equally disturbing, is the structure which must be imposed in order to deliver health care if any of these plans are enacted. In "The Sovietization of the American Health Care System," Troy maintains that the structural change is as much an ideological one as a technical necessity.

While the Clinton proposal and its offspring have been variously described as socialistic or collectivistic, Troy sees the bureaucratic structure as requiring a system of administration analogous to that which operated the former Soviet Union. After proposing his case, Troy goes on to analyze the problems it would entail.