Seeking a New Foundation Chappell, Milton

In this edition of the Government Union Review, we are verypleased to present a very thorough examination of the legislative and legal environment in which unionism in public education operates.

This topic is of great importance to future developments in public education because this environment has a substantial impact on the development and growth of independent teacher organizations. These independent teacher organizations are being established and are prospering in many areas of the country. They are reaching out to the teachers who reject the adversarial and confrontational industrial style unionism model followed by the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers.

The growth of independent teacher organizations as alternatives to teacher unions has been building for quite some time. Only in the last several years, however, have these organizations become large enough to pose a threat to union hegemony in public education.

We hope that this edition will be of assistance to public policy makers as they examine the environment of not just unionism in public education, but other questions about public employer-employee relations which have such a profound impact on the quality of public education.

In addition, we hope that this information will be of value to public school teachers questioning the role of unions in their employment relations who, in seeking alternatives, need a better understanding of the legal environment in which they are operating.