On Strikers and Their Replacements. Baird, Charles W.

In On Strikers and Their Replacements, Dr. Charles W Baird examines the nature of this new legislation in light of the Court's rulings and the 1935 Wagner Act. He follows up a discussion of what some describe as a worker's "natural" right to strike with a critical examination of unionists' arguments favoring passage of the legislation, before presenting his own for retaining the status quo.

As a rule, strikes are called to win wage concessions and nowhere has this been more characteristic over the last three decades than in the labor relations of school districts and their teacher unions. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, teachers' salaries have been rising more rapidly than any other generic group of employees, to an average annual income of $33,015. Still, the usual refrain of union negotiators is that teachers' pay is lower than that of comparably employed workers in the private sector. Yet never, until now, has any factual evidence been brought to bear on that assertion.