Labor Law Reform: Lessons From History. Baird, Charles W.

In Labor Law Reform: Lessons From History, Dr. Charles W. Baird offers "a revisionist view of some of the major events in the history of American labor unions. He does this to refute what he perceives to be the erroneous belief that what is good for unions must also be good for workers.

Dr. Baird provides a reasoned exposition of the philosophical and theoretical perspectives from which he works, culminating in his support of noted economist W. H. Hutt's assertion that the Norris-La-Guardia and Wagner acts were "economic blunders of the first magnitude." Basing his view on John Locke's theory of natural rights, as expounded by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, Dr. Baird argues that human rights must be generalized to all citizens and that acts conceived to give power to unions serve only to reduce individual rights. The essay concludes with a model for reform legislation that can be passed to replace the two infamous acts.