State and Local Government Employee Relations After Garcia. Troy, Leo.

Within a year, the United States Supreme Court rendered two decisions which have had extensive repercussions in the field of public sector labor relations. In 1985, Garcia expanded application of the federal Fair Labor Standard Act's overtime and minimum pay provisions to previously uncovered state and local government employees. Then, Hudson guaranteed that nonunion workers receive due process protections from having any portion of their agency shop fees spent by unions on activities not absolutely germane to the collective bargaining process.

Dr. Leo Troy's "State and Local Government Employee Relations After Garcia," addresses the Tenth Amendment states' rights issues involved in the Garcia case. Besides reflecting upon the exact nature of the federal-state relationship in light of that decision, he examines aspects of employee relations as a result of that ruling, its potential influence on policies towards public sector labor unions and collective bargaining, and the implications of congressional interference in state labor policies.