Public Sector Bargaining: An Assessment

Dr. Sylvester Petro's study, " Sovereignty and Compulsory Public Sector Bargaining," published in 1974 in the Wake Forest Law Review, was perhaps the first definitive work on public sector collective bargaining. Now, 18 years later, he has updated his thoughts on the subject with another article, Public-Sector Bargaining: An Assessment. He writes:

"This survey of developments during the last fifteen years in public sector collective bargaining suggests two conclusions:

  1. Bad as our labor policies have proven to be in the private sector, where they originated, they may be producing even worse results in the public sector, where they have been transferred on the basis of a misleading analogy.
  2. The states and localities which have adopted public-sector collective bargaining (psb), despite its incompatibility with both effective government and the ideal of faction-free representative government which animated the founding of this country, find themselves in conditions less satisfactory than those which prevail in the states which have rejected collective bargaining in the public sector."