From the Oracles of the Temple of Janus Vieira, Edwin Jr

In "From the Oracles of the Temple of Janus: 'Chicago Teachers Union V. Hudson," Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., who represented the nonunion teachers before the Court, discusses the Justices' "situational ethics" pertaining to this decision. Did Hudson represent a victory for nonunion workers' constitutional rights to freedom of association or was the verdict rendered with such obtuse reasoning as to deny that victory? Had the Justices objected to the workers' deprivation of rights or merely the manner in which they had been deprived?

Hudson, in Vieira's estimation, denotes a degree of both. On the one hand, it provided nonunion workers with a victory by forcing unions to account for the money they extract in dues and to return that portion spent on political activities. The ruling has already generated a number of suits with a court in Michigan ordering a triumverate of teacher unions to rebate ninety percent of their fees. Alternatively, from the principle of rule of law, the Hudson Court did not aver that nonunion workers' rights were violated because they were forced to pay fair share fees prior to an assessment of the appropriate deduction.