Contracting Out Federal Employment

Contracting out in the federal government promises to be one of the most controversial and hotly-debated issues when the Reagan Administration, heavily in favor of contracting out services as a savings device, tries to get its budget cuts passed in Congress. Paul Staudohar's article on the subject offers a comprehensive overview of contracting out, its pros and cons, its logical aspects and political overtones. Contracting out is not a new phenomenon, but as federal sector unions have grown larger, more influential and militant, the practice has come under increasingly heavy criticism and attack. The American Federation of Government Employees of the AFL-CIO, the largest federal employees union, has even established its own department exclusively engaged with contracting out which lobbies against such legislation and is active on the legal front, battling specific subcontracting practices within various federal agencies and departments.

Report of Seminar Held at St. Geroge's House, Windsor Castle, England, "Public Services and the Private Alternative"
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