Comparable Worth: The Labor Theory of Value and Worse By Baird, Charles W.

In Comparable Worth: The Labor Theory of Value and Worse, Dr. Charles W. Baird sees a Pandora's box of horrors poised to spring the moment that the principle is put into practice. Three major reasons for concern are: the impossibility of assessing the comparable value of different occupational categories, the chaos of implementation of the theory would invite by its need for central economic planning and its enormous cost to taxpayers. A free market economist, Dr. Baird contends that the difference between the salaries of female/male dominated occupations is not the result of a conspiracy by employers to supress women, but the outgrowth of comprenhensible market forces. If the marketplace is left alone, he believes that the inequity will soon be redressed as more women enter the greater variety of professions - some traditionally male dominated - that they are, after all, free to enter.